The day of love - February 14th.

A day that peoples used to show feelings, affection, and friendship is known as Valentines day. Each year february 14th is celebrated as valentines day. Valentines Day is celebrated all across the world with love. People celebrate this beautiful day by expressing their love and feelings for their special ones. Romantic dates and proposals are common features of this special day. On this beautiful occasion, lovers gave surprise gifts to each other. By gifting beautiful gift they make their relationship stronger.

Most of the singles used this beautiful valentine for proposing their loved ones.


Elderly Lovers celebrates valentines day by exchanging valentine message cards that are written from the heart, and singles used love letters for proposing purpose. But now valentine message card & love letters are out of fashion. We started using flowers &  romantic gifts for the valentine celebration. Giving a unique and surprise gift is more important  because everyone tries to make a memorable occasion for the ones they love.


Not only valentines day there are 7 more days that are related to valentine celebration this is known as valentine week.

February 7   –  Rose day.

February 8   –  Propose day.

February 9   –  Chocolate day.

February 10 –  Teddy day.

February 11 –  Promise day.

February 12 –  Hug day.

February 13 –  Kiss day.

February 14 –  Valentines day.

Some couples celebrated each day of valentine week by gifting something that is relevant to the corresponding day (rose for rose day, chocolate for chocolate day, teddy for teddy day,…).

Valentines day gift plants

Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your loved ones?

Take your gift from our unique collection of valentines day gifts for your girlfriend, boyfriend or your loved one.

Valentine gifts like flowers, chocolates, cakes, teddy,.. are common gifts. Those gifts did not have a life it's just for the use of the specific event (valentine). But a gift is not a thing like that it should be live for long and it must have a good message. Our valentine gifts are small beautiful indoor plants. Most of the girls like flowers and gardening activities. We have cactus & succulent plants(cactus, string of pearls, kalanchoe, hens and chicks (echeveria), euphorbia tirucalli, haworthia, sedum,..etc.), flowering plants, hanging plants & air purifying plants. We customize these small beautiful indoor plants in a unique valentine special ceramic pots.

We ensure that this is the best quality & meaning full valentine gift because of

1) All are like indoor plants - especially girls.

2) Long-lasting gift - a living thing.

3) Place anywhere -  you can place it bedroom, hall, kitchen, office, even inside the car.

4) Reusable - The child plants are also used for both gardening purpose and gifting purpose.

5) Less caring than outdoor plants.

We also customise valentines day plant gifts into 4 & it is more easier to choose a perfect gift for your valentine.

·         Valentines day gift for boyfriend

·         Valentines day gift for girlfriend

·         Valentines day gift for husband

·         Valentines day gift for wife


Valentines day gift plants Delivery UAE

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Valentines Day Gift Plants

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