A birthday is a special day on which your bestie born. Celebrating birthdays of besties is a common thing but how it celebrates is important. The unique and special way of celebration is more important than just a cake cutting celebration. Also, gifts have an important role in a birthday celebration. A surprise birthday gift can make the celebration more memorable in the birthday person’s mind. 

If you can give some special birthday gifts that are long lasting. Every time the birthday person sees that gift, they think about you. That makes you an important person in their life. The power of gifting is not describable in words.

Do you think about giving a long-lasting birthday gift?

We flowergarden think about that type of gift and create a unique gifting solution. We used small beautiful indoor plants as birthday gifts. Plants are living things and it is a long-lasting gift. 

Birthday Gift Plants

A beautiful birthday plant is one of the best birthday gifts that will continue to grow and remind the recipient that you care long after the birthday has passed. Whether you decided to send a flowering birthday plan, a hanging plant, or a unique cactus & succulent plants that surely make their day more special. These gifts are also re-usable – if the birthday person gets more plant gifts, they easily create an indoor garden and their child plant can be used for gifting purposes.

Birthday gift plants available for

  • birthday gifts for boyfriend
  • birthday gifts for girlfriend
  • birthday gifts for husband
  • birthday gifts for wife

Birthday Gift Plants Delivery


Make their special day more memorable with a birthday plant delivery. Most persons like plants and flowers especially girls & soft-minded persons. Some of them like flowering plants, some of them like hanging plants, and some of them like cactus and succulent plants. So the best plant gift depends on their personality. We provide you on time delivery service on your occasions.

Send happy birthday plants to your best and loved ones to plant and make a cute smile on their face. The long lasting plant makes their face full of long lasting smiles. Our delivery service is available Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, & Umm Al Quwain. 

Birthday Gift Plant

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