Flowergarden is one of the best offline & online plant gift delivery company in UAE. We try to include all types of plants in our service. Mainly plants are in two types indoor plants & outdoor plants. Each plant category has their own features. Indoor plants are much easier to handling because it need less caring, we can place it anywhere, can used it as decorating purpose,..etc. We are mainly focused on indoor plants, and we have most of the indoor plants - cactus, string of pearls, kalanchoe, hens and chicks (echeveria) , euphorbia tirucalli, haworthia, sedum ,..etc.

Cactus & succulent plants are most commonly used gifting plants. We have more than 20 plus varieties of succulent plants, 30 plus varieties of cactus and seven types of flowering cactus. By expanding our business, we are try to import more varieties of plants from outside. We are not distributing any plants directly from an outsider. We have our own farm, once we import a plant then we garden that plant in our farm and make sure that plant is suitable for our climate. Only the successful result will be added as a product in our online platform – Flowergarden.

Now a days gifting small indoor plants is a trend & it’s availability is less. We not considered plant gifting as a trend. Moreover, it’s a good social message and awareness to build a green life and protect our earth. Plants have ability to maintain natural climates and some plants are used to purifying air.

We also categorised plants for different occasions according plants physical beauty & their features. We have plant gifts for birthday, anniversary, valentines day,…etc. Also we provide customers to select their own customised gifts. In case of customised gifts customer need to update details by WhatsApp or Email. Our delivery service is available